About Us

Photo by Bowen Moss


Meet our Directors:

Pat Santanello

DSHS Theatre Director

Pat is the heart and soul of our theatre program. She has been the Director of Thespian Troupe #5440 since the school first opened in 1995. 


Jeff Horst

DSHS Theatre Vocal Director

Jeff joined our program in 2016 during our production of White Christmas where he became our regular vocal director shortly after.

Rob Kuhn

DSHS Theatre Technical Director

Rob has been the Technical Director at Dublin Scioto for 17 years. With his help, our sets have become as close to professional theatre as possible.

Meet the Theatre Boosters:

Who are the Theatre Boosters?

The Theatre Boosters

(or Booster Babes and Booster Bros)

is the parent organization that supports the DSHS theatre students and the productions we hold at our school. They are our backbone to maintaining an amazing environment for our performers and audience members.


Meet the 2020-2021 Officers:

Hi everyone! My name is Meredith Bean and I am on the of the Co-Presidents for the 2019-2020 school year! My role as co-president is working with Eli to plan all meetings, event, be a leader in our theatre department and much more. I love being apart of theatre for it has brought me many opportunities and friendships. I have recently stage managed the last 7 shows here at Scioto as well as be on production crew for the All-Ohio show Carrie. I hope that we can get a lot of new faces in our department this year as well as create a fun experience for everyone.

Meredith Bean


Hi, my names is Eli Suarez and I'll be serving as one of your drama club Co-Presidents for the '19-'20 School year. I am a senior and have been doing theatre all throughout high school. When I'm not lighting our productions you can find me working at the Short North Stage or playing violin in IFF. If you have any questions about the drama club, or more specifically tech and would like to be involved in ways other than being on stage, please contact me through Instagram dm's @Eli_is_567. I encourage everyone to try theatre, acting or tech, and this year is an amazing season to get started!

Hey everyone! My name is Brenna Daugherty and I’m one of your Drama Club Co-Presidents for 2018-2019! I love everything about theatre and am looking forward to both acting and tech next year. I am also involved in Student Senate, A Capella Choir and the Freshman Mentor program at Scioto! In my free time, I love to read, write, and sing lots (of showtunes). My favorite roles to date have been Sally Brown in Charlie Brown, Spider in James & the Giant Peach, and Assistant Stage Manager for Spamalot. I encourage everyone and anyone to come to a Drama Club meeting to learn more about our program and give acting or tech a try- if you have any questions or want to talk, add me on snap @brenna_daugh or DM me on instagram! I love meeting new people and getting others involved. I am so excited to make next year AMAZING :)

Eli Suarez


Hey there kids! My name is Raegan and I'll be your 2019-2020 season’s Vice President! This means I will be helping direct meetings, creating signups, and just overall helping out with all of the officers. And of course, making sure y'all have fun! I'm really excited for my senior year of theatre. I am hoping to continue as Prop Master for the next season, and we shall see where this journey takes me. If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns about the department; maybe even just need a new friend, feel free to contact me @raegan.givant ! I'm so excited to meet everyone and get to know you all and grow this season! It's gonna be great.

Raegan Givant

Vice President

Hi! My name is Lee and I’m the activities officer. I organize the fun stuff we do outside of school along with my other activities officer, Jonathan. I’m primarily an actor, but I tech as well. Outside of theatre I do visual art as well as running my own little YouTube channel. If you have any activity related questions you can always come to me and I’d love to help you out!

Lee Gilbert


My name is Safiya Aden I am your Outreach Activities Officer. I will be a Sophomore (2019-2020). I have currently been in three shows at Scioto, and will be doing some shows over the summer. While theatre may be my life I am also a football cheerleader, and take tumbling at Cheer Combine. We have amazing events planned already, and hope theatre will be great for everyone.

Safiya Aden


Hi everyone! I’m Johnathan! I’m one of your Outreach officers! This is my 2nd term as an officer ( my sophomore year) and this is going to be my senior year and my 4th year in the theatre, I’m very excited to meet everyone and growing deeper in my love of theatre! If you wanna a photo shoot, HMU!

Jonathan Ellis


Hi my name is Chanel Rakes and I am a officer for the Dublin Scioto theater Department. I Am Co activities with three other people and I've been doing theater for about 2 years now and it's been really exciting. what I do as an officer: basically me and three other people plan activities to do for theater in group things and stuff and I am external activity as well and I reach out to other schools and go see their shows and stuff like that. it's been really fun to be a part of a supporting Community and I absolutely love every minute of it and I really don't know where I would be without it!

Chanel Rakes


Hey everyone!!! My name is Kendal Williams and I am thrilled to be embracing position as Secretary in Troupe 5440 for the 2019-2020 year! As Secretary I take notes during all meetings, keep track of attendance and help keep everything organized and recorded. When off stage you can find me on the field as a starting varsity player on Scioto’s Field Hockey team, a member of the Scioto choir department, studying as an honor role student and dancing at Dublin Dance Center and Gymnastics! I have spent 6 years as a first soprano in The Cleveland Singing Angels, a premiere chorus in Cleveland, Ohio. While a member of the group I visited New York and performed in the ensemble of Broadway’s ‘Kris Kringle!’, was featured in chorus at the 2017 APMAS, traveled to Italy and performed at the Vatican for Pope Francis and was a part of the centennial children’s chorus for the 100th anniversary of The National Parks. You can contact me @_kendalwilliams_ via insta or snap @kendal-koala (ikik don’t get me started, I was a weird 12 year old). I am so very excited to be an officer at Scioto with it’s top notch theatre department and for all of the amazing memories to come!!!

Kendal Williams


Hiya! I'm Manuel, one of your co-historians for next year! Me and Madison will be taking pictures and videos of all of you throughout the year, so when I'm just in the corner taking pictures, dont think I'm (too) creepy. I'll be doing acting next year, so I hope to get to see lots of you! About me? This will be my Sophomore year, and also my second year of being in the drama club. That's all for now folks!

Manuel Moreno


Hi, my name is Sophia Butler and I am your 2019-2020 Drama Club Treasurer. This coming school year I am going to be a sophomore at Scioto and i’m super excited for the things we have coming this year. Drama Club is tons of fun, and I encourage you to attend any events you can. I am

so beyond excited for this upcoming year and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish!

Sophia Butler


Hi everyone! My name is Ben Carr, and I will be your 2019-2020 Publicity Chairman! My job is to basically let everyone know what is going on in the theatre program. I help our other publicity officer, Webmaster Josie, create posters and other ads to out out there and get the word around. I'm a Junior and I'm very excited to be a part of the DSHS Theatre Officer team! Aside from Theatre, I am also the Co-President of Scioto's Alliance Club. I like food, pictures of kittens (which I'm allergic to, sadly :/) and puppies, and I have quite a hobby of collecting memes (I have a folder of over 1400 memes, about 240MB, and counting). My personal account is @bencarr617, so feel free to talk to me at any time! I cannot wait to meet everyone coming into the theatre this year, and I hope to become good friends with every single one of you! (P.S. the way to my heart is mostly through puns, memes, and Vine references) 

Ben Carr

Publicity Chairman

Hey Everyone; my name is Jo(sie) and I am the Publicity Webmaster for Troupe 5440’s 2019-2020 season! As Publicity Webmaster I mainly run all social media’s and our website, and work with Ben Carr (Publicity Chairman) to make dope advertisements for everyone! I love theatre (specifically tech/sound) and would encourage anyone to try it out! Outside of theatre I enjoy running, playing guitar, and working at La Scala. If you have ANY questions regarding Scioto’s theatre department PLEASE do not hesitate to ask myself or any other club officer; we want to ensure that this season is as amazing as possible for everyone!

Josie Hutira

Publicity Webmaster